Frequently Asked Questions:


Who exactly is MyTownRestaurants?

MyTownRestaurants is one of the six petals that make up the web alternatives flower of Microplasm – You can check out our innovative web projects, putting the small business first:


What is the main difference between MyTownRestaurants and the other popular delivery platforms?

Other delivery platforms control the transaction, and take a substantial margin, leaving the business owner with not much room to make mistakes. Our platform refers customers, where the customer can drop by like usual, and grab  your new deal, they can order over the phone, or they can order from your website.

Our aim is to give our members direct exposure, and navigate the customer through the easiest process. We’re not interested in taking a margin per sale, we simply sell an ad space where you’ll have prime exposure, all day everyday, in your local area.

What was the reason for creating MyTownRestaurants?

The original concept began in 2019 but was revamped heavily after the onset of the pandemic crisis. It was at this point where the “transaction” has been put into question. Our aim is to connect customers to business using the web, and our hyperlocal websites are the essential edge that we use to cut through the fog. Just remember, there should be no myth about the internet, you can have your own website, and you can process your own transactions.

Is MyTownRestaurants really suitable for everyone?

Yes, our Free and Adpartner level memberships are most certainly an advantage for every restaurant in our participating cities to have. Co-op membership is designed specifically for Restaurants who do not already have an operational website. If a restaurant is ready for a complete and streamlined experience, we can combine Adpartner+Co-op with a discounted Unlimited Membership.



Do you do deliveries?

No, we are not a delivery company. However, we have created a similar project for Drivers and Delivery companies. It’s called Deligate ( and it acts as a way to connect the restaurant’s active web order details, directly to a delivery driver’s phone by texting them order data immediately. The key feature of Deligate is to create an online listing board for drivers who are looking to pickup extra work, and advertise their services town-wide.


I need help with my own website, where do I start?

Microplasm is making provisions! Please take a look at our web building solutions called – we have what you need to survive online, and make it as affordable as possible. If you don’t have a website, you need to get in the game. Ask about our “Bullet Package” for the fastest/minimal path, it’s the equivalent of the $24/month Coop membership 😉 Same deal, plain and simple.


Do I need a tablet, smart phone, or computer to use MyTownRestaurants?

If you’re processing orders through your own website, you can use whatever device you like. Often new systems mean an extra tablet, and another ringing order sound to go along with it. This time, you can just receive your order data by text, email, or directly on your website. However you want to manage your orders, you can.


Can I just sell over the phone?

Yup, just keep running the way you want, nothing has to be complicated.

If you prefer, we can create a PDF for your menu, and just send customers directly there… they can call in their order, and we can recommend that. Besides, many people are surfing the web on their phones when they order anyway, calling your restaurant to order is just one tap away.

Whats all the no data-mining, no tracking, and no accounts stuff about?

Well, that’s a long answer, and honestly it’s a lot to go into here. We just don’t bother trying to take over the world like the big web companies like to do for some reason… we just want to have a good, safe, strong, clean, and reliable internet that respects peoples’ privacy… we’re all human after all 😉 Go to the intel centre on for the full story there…


Okay, so what are the costs, no funny business!

Seriously, we don’t have any hidden fees. We have a free membership, then a Coop which is $19/month. When you have full control over the transaction, you’re making the full margin. If you have your own ecommerce website already, then please get in touch for the Free member listing so we can send you more hungry customers in your town!

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