Sending out a big hello to the folks who find this, it’s the beginning for! We’re going to keep it simple and honest right from the get go, there are no big plans, because there can’t be at times like these.

Our mandate is to stay adaptive no matter what! For you and for us, to always be able to shift and help in anyway that makes sense at that time… We offer a membership based platform, to give local restaurants a simple way to gain exposure, without risking the loss of a high margin on a high volume of short term orders.

It’s important to point out that our ideal, that each restaurant would offer it’s own unique deal to its local townspeople, helps to demonstrate and stay true to the Local Multiplier Effect, which is central to Microplasm’s intended influence.

We’re not interested in taking a margin, but instead simply to communicate the vital information, and send that customer to your shopping cart – we even have a parallel driver website called where every MTR member can access the local driver portal (listings for ready drivers).

My Town Restaurants