Sign Up for My Town Restaurants!

Complete your business profile, get full access to our partnered auxiliary driver network, and even list a unique deal for the people of your town!

There are three levels of membership at MyTownRestaurants.

Free Member, Co-op Member, and Ad Partner. Checkout our descriptions here, and make sure to reach out and get in contact anytime for more help.

Free Member

The Free Membership that we strongly encourage each restaurant owner to complete, is a great way to connect with your whole town in a broad and general way. This is very effective when communicating new Covid sensitive measures, where updates can be compelted in 24 hours or less. Here you can list all your basic details, including a Logo and one featured pictures (often a featured dish).

Co-op MemberĀ 

The Co-op level of memebership is $29/year, where you can choose a link-button URL. This means that your completed profile now includes a button link to your homepage, or even your full menu as a PDF. This is an excellent contact-free way making sure your menu is always available in every home! The true power of the Co-op level membership is that your business gains full access to our Local Delivery Network (Auxiliary Driver Portal).

[Get full details about our driver network at]

Ad Partner

The Ad Partner Membership is $19/month, where this listing will put your featured deal on the fore-front of our website specific to your townspeople. We are specifically limiting advertising space in the smaller regions (Ladysmith, Parksville, Qualicum Beach) simply to maximize the returns for our valued Ad Partners.

We encourage that restaurants list a deal which is offering high value versus high volume. For example, listing a deal for $35 with free delivery will be much more effective than a $10 carry-out special. Just remember, the customer is typically hungry, at home, and ready to order. It’s our job to connect that hungry townsperson to your menu, phone number, website, or location.

For any other e-commerce questions or needs, please make sure to get in contact with us. We can equip your business to the operating level you need to thrive online. Our primary goal is to deliver the best possible tech alternatives, with all the same benefits and rewards.

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