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There are two levels of membership at MyTownRestaurants:

Free and Adpartner Memberships.

Make sure to read our descriptions below, and then reach out to get in contact anytime for more help. We can create a free listing for you, and have it published within 24-48 hours.

Free Member

The Free Membership is worthy of every restaurant in all our participating communities. Restaurant owners can list their full busness details, button link to their website or menu, post branding material such as logos, entre pictures etc. Make sure your townsfolk have all the important details at their fingertips!

As long as you can process orders on your own Restaurant Website, then you’re ready to go. Yes, it’s 100% Free.

Adpartner Membership 

The Adpartner Memebership is $19/month, where this level of membership allows a Restaurant to list a specialized Deal for the people of their town. We direct our visitor traffic from our hyperlocal website, to your deal’s order page. 

Your deal can be specialized to maximize your margins. All the transactions are processed by you, where the orders are 100% under your control.

Every customer order that is placed directly on your website, is another significant margin being recovered from the wasteful delivery chains. Defend your margins!


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